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Personal Injury

I have extensive experience representing clients that are suffering from injuries. If you were injured in an auto accident, due to a dangerous or defective product, or otherwise because of someone else’s negligence, you have the right to seek compensation. I understand the difficulties that confront my injured clients. You may be dealing with large medical bills, lost wages, a painful and long physical recovery, and the inability to participate in the things you love to do. I will work hard to see that you receive compensation for these losses.

As a former insurance defense attorney, I know that the insurance companies will try to limit your compensation. You need someone on your side that can anticipate and handle the legal maneuvers that insurance companies employ to try and deny the compensation to which you are entitled. I can help. If you have lost a loved one due to someone’s negligence, I will aggressively pursue a wrongful death claim to hold those people accountable. Nothing can bring your loved one back, but you are entitled to recovery for your loss.

Criminal Defense

I represent clients that are charged with committing a crime. When you are facing a traffic offense, including drunk driving, if convicted, you may lose your license, have large fines and court costs imposed upon you, and even serve jail time. If you are facing a more serious misdemeanor or minor felony charge, you could be facing a loss of civil rights and jail or prison.

You have the right to have your attorney represent you at every stage of a criminal proceeding. I provide you with an honest evaluation of the evidence against you, my opinion on plea negotiations, and when necessary aggressive representation at trial. The sooner that I begin protecting your rights, the better our chances are for a good result in your case.

Family Law

For families experiencing divorce, issues of child support, custody and visitation of the children, spousal maintenance (alimony), and the equitable division of the marital assets must be addressed. I work closely with you and your family to craft agreements on these issues that take into account the particular circumstances and needs of your family.

Rather than having resolution of these issues imposed upon you by a court that is unfamiliar with your family’s needs, I encourage my clients to develop agreements without litigation, so that we can maintain control over the process. Let my knowledge and experience in family law help you and your family make a smooth transition.


Serving as a neutral, I also offer an option to families that are committed to avoiding litigation and working together to resolve domestic issues in an amicable and productive manner.

Estate Planning

I assist individuals and families with drafting wills. Having a will is necessary to protect your property and see that your wishes are honored. No matter how large or small your estate is, a simple will can protect your estate from over taxation, prevent disagreements among family members, prevent court intervention, and most of all give you the piece of mind that comes form knowing that your loved ones will be provided for.

Business Law

I work with my business clients from incorporation to dissolution, and every transaction in between. Having the legal aspect of your business handled correctly is essential to the success of your enterprise. I will see that you have accurate advice, efficient transactions, and I will protect your interests so you can focus on growing your business.

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